Free Report: Top 5 Things to Know When Picking the Right Commercial Printing Company

Top 5 Things to know

Top 5 Things to Know When Picking the Right Commercial Printing Company. 

 When choosing a Commercial Printer, it’s not always straight forward, take these factors into consideration:

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Here are 5 key areas that should factor into your decision.

  1.  Experience: When you start to do your research, find out how long the printer been in the business. Do they have the experience to do your job? Longevity in a business field does not mean they have kept current and progressed with the times and modern technology. Research the company and learn about their product portfolio.
  2. Wide range of Products and Services: With the internet and company websites, it’s easy to find out the type of services each commercial printing company provides. Find out if they offer services from design to fulfillment. Ask what kind of finishing capabilities are offered. Can they handle the quantities your company’s printing requires?
  3. Technology and Equipment:Today’s technology involves more than just new equipment. It also includes data and how the data transfers to the equipment. Innovative technology, like Heidelberg Prinect®, is used by the leaders in commercial printing. New technology will have a positive affect on speed, quality, and lower prices.
  4. Quality of Work: Delivering a quality product is important, and consistent quality is paramount. Ask the commercial printer to show you printed product samples.
  5. Reputation: Always research a company’s reputation. With the web, it’s easy to find reviews from customers. Look at reviews and testimonials from both the company’s website and Google. Keep in mind that no company has 100% positive reviews. People who have had problems are more likely to leave a bad review than those with great experiences. If the bad outweighs the good, then check further and make your decision.


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