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Pronto adopts Agfa Graphics’ Azura TE Direct-on-Press Plates

Pronto Reproductions (Mississauga, Ontario) has switched to Azura TE Direct-on-Press plates to “expand its printing capabilities, increase productivity, lower cost of ownership and above all, promote a cleaner environment.” Agfa Graphics’ chemistry-free Azura TE Plate offers considerably shorter time to press while substantially reducing waste. The plates are cleaned out on-press, so the system requires no processor, no chemistry and no water. This results in lower energy consumption, less maintenance, more eco-friendly operations and key cost reductions. Pronto Reproductions provides a range of print, digital and finishing services with a commitment to quality, best practices and environmental care. The company is recognized as a printer of choice for greater Toronto’s leading graphic design and advertising firms.

“Since switching to Azura TE, the image is now visible on the plate prior to roll-up and allows our press operators to shorten make-ready times and minimize paper waste,” said Jennifer Burlington, Customer Experience Manager, Pronto Reproductions. “Azura also helps us stay committed to our sound environmental practices by providing chemical-free, processless plates, all while delivering superior quality.”

Azura TE is a thermal, negative-working plate designed for commercial sheetfed. Based on ThermoFuse technology, the first Azura plate was introduced in 2004 at drupa – and “has set the standard in chemistry-free platemaking ever since.”

“Outstanding image contrast, superior daylight resistance and fast make-ready times are the top features of the Azura TE chemistry-free printing process,” said Dave Carey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Agfa Graphics North America. “Combined with no waste and no maintenance, Azura TE delivers consistent results and high image quality.