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Pronto Switches to Agfa’s Azura TE Chemistry-Free Direct on Press Plates

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J.—August 10, 2015—Azura TE chemistry-free direct on press plates have helped a Mississauga printer expand its printing capabilities and increase productivity, all while benefiting the environment with no waste or maintenance. Pronto Reproductions Ltd. of Ontario (Canada) made the switch earlier this year, and has never been happier.

Pronto Reproductions provides a range of print, digital and finishing services with expertise, integrity and accomplished customer service. With a high commitment to quality, best practices and environmental care, Pronto is recognized as the printer of choice for greater Toronto’s leading graphic design and advertising firms.

agfa-11By switching to Azura TE chemistry-free direct on press thermal plates, Pronto added another eco-friendly talking point as the company markets itself to its current customer base and seeks to attract new clients. More importantly, the plates help Pronto provide superior print jobs, something their customers also appreciate.

“Since switching to Azura TE, the image is now visible on the plate prior to roll-up and allows our pressmen to shorten makeready times, and minimize paper waste,” said Jennifer Burlington, customer experience manager, Pronto Reproductions. “Azura also helps Pronto stay committed to our sound environmental practices by providing chemical-free, processless plates all while delivering superior quality.”

Azura TE is a thermal, negative-working plate designed for commercial sheetfed printing operations. Based on ThermoFuse technology, the first Azura plate was introduced in 2004 at drupa. Breakthrough ThermoFuse technology has set the standard in chemistry-free platemaking ever since.

“Outstanding image contrast, superior daylight resistance and fast makeready are the top features of the Azura TE chemistry-free printing process,” said Dave Carey, senior product marketing manager, Agfa Graphics, North America. “Combined with no waste and no maintenance, Azura TE delivers consistent results and high image quality, unlike others in the marketplace.”

When it comes to the best solution, Pronto Reproductions is finding that the Azura TE can image, mount and print efficiently which makes them more productive.

About Agfa
The Agfa-Gevaert Group is one of the world’s leading companies in imaging and information technology. Agfa develops, manufactures and markets analog and digital systems for the printing industry (Agfa Graphics), for the healthcare sector (Agfa Healthcare), and for specific industrial applications (Agfa Materials). Agfa is headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium. The company is present in 40 countries and has agents in another 100 countries around the globe. The Agfa-Gevaert Group achieved a turnover of 2,620 million euros in 2014. Please visit us at www.agfa.com.

About Agfa Graphics
Agfa Graphics offers integrated prepress solutions to the printing industry. These solutions comprise consumables, hardware, software and services for production workflow, project and color management.

Agfa Graphics is a worldwide leader with its computer-to-plate and digital proofing systems for commercial and packaging printing and the newspaper publishing markets.

Agfa Graphics is rapidly developing its position in the new segments of industrial inkjet with comprehensive solutions for various applications such as documents, posters, banners, signage, displays, labels and packaging materials. Its experience in both imaging and emulsion technology has provided the expertise required for developing a complete assortment of high-quality inks.

About Pitman, an Agfa Company
Pitman, an Agfa Graphics company, collaborates with world class manufacturers to provide a diverse offering of the most advanced solutions for the prepress, pressroom, wide format, newspaper, packaging and commercial printing industries.

Pitman reinforces its customer-focused approach by providing the market with an unmatched distribution network, expert specialists, and unparalleled service excellence.

Together, Agfa Graphics and Pitman deliver integrated and complete solutions tailored to the ever-changing needs of the graphic communications industry, enabling businesses to produce powerful messages and be more profitable.

Source: Agfa.