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Pronto Reproductions Ltd. is dedicated to our commitment to healthy forests, environmental standards and responsible business practices.

We uphold our commitment to sustainable forestation by maintaining our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification since 2007. Pronto Reproductions Ltd. uses FSC certified papers; low VOC vegetable based inks, and complies with all environmental laws, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. Your projects will be printed in an environmentally friendly manner, using FSC® certified paper with a minimum of 30% recycled content. In addition to our commitment to sustainable business practices to promote a healthy environment, our Heidelberg Suprasetter A106 DCL uses thermal processless printing plates, which are chemical free, processless and ready for press as soon as they are imaged. We are also conscious of our paper by-product and have dedicated recycling receptacles for waste/scrap paper and cardboard available throughout our entire facility.

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council is an international certification and labeling system for paper and wood products that come from responsibly managed and verified recycled sources. Under FSC certification, forests are certified against a set of strict environmental and social standards, and fibre from certified forests is tracked all the way to the consumer through the chain of custody certification system. Through the process of becoming an FSC certified printer, Pronto Reproductions Limited has demonstrated our commitment to healthy forests, environmental standards and responsible business practices. To maintain our FSC certified printer designation, we adhere to a stringent set of standards and continue to be vetted by the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada.


Rainforest Alliance Certification

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Certification from the Rainforest Alliance is an internationally recognized symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability. The certification ensures agricultural and wood products are derived from farms and forests where water, soil and wildlife habitat are conserved, where workers are treated well, where families have access to education and health care and where communities benefit.

Printed with Vegetable-based Ink

Pronto uses vegetable-based inks as opposed to traditional petroleum-based inks. Vegetable and soy ink has low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which helps to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions and helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Vegetable-based ink is more environmentally friendly and makes it easier to recycle paper because it can be removed more easily than regular ink from paper during the de-inking process.


At Pronto, protecting our environment is not an afterthought, it comes naturally to us


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